Last few things from Chicago…

I love Chicago. Like, a lot. It was hard to narrow this post down, so I'm just posting a few mainstream media...things...

Sent this as a blind link to my cousin Emily (who does not love EO), and she's all, "Ew! Why do you keep doing this to me!!" I think he looks fine, even if he didn't make the play. :D

Hee hee, look at the little soul patch sprout. (I kid because I love.)

Coolest retirement gift possible from Wrigley...except maybe a transplant-able sprig of ivy. :) Also, I love Dempster.

Hahahaha, the idea of running AROUND Rossy. No. You are out. You will always be out if Rossy is involved.

Finally, I love that they mic'ed Meds up, and my favorite parts are 1. he forgot it was on, and 2. People didn't seem to be avoiding him, as they usually do when someone's mic'ed. Wish this would happen more often!

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