Jerseys Off Our Backs Auction

You can win an game-used Braves jersey... if you have the top bid. The Braves are auctioning off the jerseys actually worn by the players during the upcoming June 15 game against the Orioles, with proceeds going to the Atlanta Braves Foundation.

Auctions fascinate me, and I'm always curious about how players are valued, so I made a spreadsheet that you might find interesting. Below you'll see the starting bid for each jersey - sorted alphabetically on the left and by starting bid on the right - and I'd love to hear what you have to say about them...

Undervalued: McCann, Prado, maybe Huddy, MEDLEN

Overvalued: Fredi

Just think, you can theoretically have MattE, Meds, Ske, and Livo for less than the starting bid on Chipper. Your thoughts?

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