Great photos from Tampa

Twitter friend @SP_Mathemaniac is an awesome photographer. He just put his amazing pictures from this weekend on his website, and you should look at them. Here's the link to his full album, and I've attached a few with my comments below...


Patrick says Jonny posed for him. He doesn't look very excited. My cousin said he looks like he's wearing Blistex - I guessed it was sunscreen lip balm (in spite of the roof, people use their same stuff - Freddie wore long sleeves in the game even though they were indoors).

Amused. Also, his helmet says ALLSTAR. I love that so much.

This grammy loves Ske's grin so much!

Oh hey, MattE.

pretty face looks especially pretty without a chinstrap beard or tobacco

I can't even talk about the long pants. :(

at least Marteen knows what looks good on him!



Make sure you visit Patrick's website for the rest of the pictures! Thank you for sharing, sir. :)

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