Game Day Pictures: Braves vs Reds 5-15-12

View from the top of 117

A Reds fan friend of mine had an extra ticket to Tuesday night's game. Did I want it? Um, yes. Luckily, a couple of Twitter friends (@ATL_Mouseketeer & @Twhyla) wanted to get there earlier than he could and watched BP with me. They loved my usher friends and we swapped entertaining stories, and they told me about their plan to get autographed baseballs by all the announcers. They were successful!

I told them I would have gone with them if I thought I'd meet Tom Glavine! Legend. I'm glad they had a good time. Let's look at some pictures!

Can we please discuss what the brohawk looks like when it comes out of the back of the cap? ...Because it does.

Baseball in Marteen's pocket

Have we discussed what a giant JHey is lately? I mean, Kimmie is normal-man-sized.

Always engaging the crowd, therefore earning more fans. :)

Freddie looks a little Napoleon Dynamite here, doesn't he?

I like to imagine they're giving each other tips on playing second base. ;)

Oh, the number of second basemen has doubled!

Kimmie's cute face, picture strategically cropped because I don't want to see the dip can in JV's pocket

I like it when Beachy & Jonny play pitcher-catcher on this side of the field.

ATL_Mouseketeer: What's wrong with Kimbrel's butt? Me: Hahaha, it's a baby Dasani!

Obviously talking about golf, imitating golf swings.

Hilarious Eddie face while they played their BP game. I still can't figure out what this is - maybe like shuffleboard?

Funny Mac hat :)


Marteen loves MLB Network as much as I do. Look at the hug! ;)

Look at how beautiful Jonny's face is here. Can I hug him? ♥

Livo's red glove!

Freddie's glasses

Warned my friend: "I'm going to take a lot of pictures of He-Man in the hopes I get a good one." He laughed at me.

Unhappy with his out

Johnny Cueto's weird windup

Catherine loved Beachy's face in this one

Mac homer!!

Someone can bring me my glove and hat now. I'm going to stand here like He-Man for a minute.

Huddy was dealing, as usual

Me: I like to think they're talking about being perpetual All-Stars. Friend: They're probably not talking about baseball at all. Me: Yeah. "How's the fam?" blah blah

Someone's hat is too small. I mean, it doesn't have to look like Meds' hat, but it shouldn't leave a mark this dark.

The color isn't quite right on this, but her Slimer-from-Ghostbusters-green manicure was taking pictures of Chipper on the jumbotron every time he came up.

for Pam

Meds, being awesome

Fredi didn't let him bat again. I was disappointed.

new blog FB cover photo

Wish we knew which Braves were waving their hats. I'm going to guess Beachy and Hanson?

Braves won! Exciting!! I took a couple of videos too, please enjoy my usher friend Larry cheering on / mocking Kimbrel during the Closest to the Pin contest, followed by some handshakes. Watch for Meds & JHey! (Sorry it's so blurry.)

Full picture gallery here.  :)

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