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My Grammy passed away last month, and her children have found some real gems in her house. This was passed along to me, since they all guessed I'd appreciate it the most. The problem is... no one seems to remember much about it. Here's what we do know:

* My uncle gave it to her. He worked for the Braves for a decade or so and said, "I left the Braves in early 1982 so it is late 70's or early 80' would have to research the player names and come up with a more accurate date if it is not stamped on the back or elsewhere."

* The date is nowhere to be found. There's a card inside that says it was created by Houze Glass.

* The plate is fairly thick glass, about 12" wide, and it is a very glossy black with the gold Chief and autographs. It's in a burgundy velvety envelope and a flat off-white square box.

Player names I can make out, clockwise from the top: Jim Busby, Tom Miller, Craig Robinson (presumably not Daryl from The Office), Johnny Oates, Carl Morton, Tom House, Phil Niekro, Rowland Office, Dusty Baker, Hank Aaron, Ron Reed, Leo Foster, Joe Niekro, Ralph Garr. (I don't see Dale Murphy, so was this before his time?)

If you know anything about this plate - date, circumstance, any other player names, anything - please let me know! I think it's so cool.

ETA: Uncle Mike was with the Braves for 9-10 years. I'm getting a lot of tweets that say the only year Craig Robinson was on the Braves roster was 1974, and that would work out with his dates of employment.

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