Game Day Pictures: Braves vs Phillies 5-2-12

Eleven innings.

This game may be in my top five most exciting/insane Braves games I've attended in this century. (Others on the list, not in order, are Ubaldo's no-hitter against us, Smoltz breaking the NL saves record, last year's 19-inning marathon, Heyward's first game.) When we heard Hanson was going up against Halladay, I think we all expected a 3-2 final score. Did anyone think we'd end up with this final score??


15 runs! 19 hits!! Crazy!!

I don't have many pictures from this game. I traded babysitting for some most excellent seats and didn't get the camera out until after I delivered him back to his mom, who was working. He was so well-behaved, as usual -- I love this kid!

watching BP with me, having a snack

Here are a few pictures. I didn't actually get the camera out until Livan was in the game with his awesome red glove. (Seriously, I am really loving Livo. I've heard he's funny and all-around amazing, but until you see him making friends with the fans and every single little kid who sits near the bullpen... well. It's great. If you want to ignore a player's efforts to endear fans when he's not in the game, that's your loss, in my opinion.)

I love it when they're up on the rail.




Grand slam McCann


I love it when they take suggestions, even if it takes a few games. ;) Now, if we could just get Delgado back in his high socks for every start and get Jonny and Marteen to wear them more often, I'd be happy.

This guy with the rally cap -- have no idea who he is ;) -- really seems to enjoy baseball. He also played air guitar on his foam tomahawk as Kimbrel's intro blasted through the stadium. So entertaining!



Oh! Fun story. Jonny was pitching to Ty Wigginton (who I don't like, but I can't put my finger on why. I think it's his face.) and Wigginton hit a foul ball. Now, Kolbi and I were sitting in a spot that never seems to get foul balls and the ball bounced around a little before landing near us. A woman on the row in front of me ran over and started scouring the floor. I looked down, more out of curiosity than anything, and the ball was sitting perfectly, sweet spot up, between my feet.

She was pretty mad I didn't offer to give it to her. I'm sorry, we are the same age, and it was clearly cosmically meant for me since it appeared so perfectly between my feet. :D Kolbi took my picture with it; I was pretty excited.

While Mac's grand slam off Doc felt like the real turning point in the game, Chipper was the walk-off winner. Check out Marteen on the left!

Full gallery here (not that there are many pics) and please take a moment to watch the videos from this game. It really was an incredible game!


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