Game Day Pictures: Braves vs Phillies 5-1-12

"How's that massage, man?"

My friend Kolbi IMed me when she was planning this game: "i was tryin to figure out which were the embarrassing seats -- was it the tuesday we went?"

See, she thinks it's funny to sit on the same level and immediately next to the bullpen bench. I think it's uncomfortable. HI BOYS. WE ARE HERE TO WATCH YOU PLAY BASEBALL. Add to that, Kolbi couldn't get there till right before gametime, so... what was I going to do? Go sit over there with the girl in the bouncing tube top?

Luckily my cousin Catherine and her friend Drew came to the game, and Catherine took my camera and took a million pictures of Beachy (seriously, over 30). But let's look at everyone...

Doing a full windup, including look-in, to throw water bottles.

Me: Okay Jenna, which Pastornicky picture do you want me to put up? Jenna: That one!

Fredi talking to the fans in the outfield

Jonny threw baseballs to two little girls in the front row (to the right of the lady in white). When they came to the top where I was, they were both hugging the balls for dear life. ♥

The best.

Heyyy Joe Blanton

Roger just chillin' during warmups.

Love Mac's face here

And this is where Catherine took over the camera. I didn't edit/upload all 30-something pics she took. :D Sorry, Catherine.


"He was doing this for me," Catherine said. :D

C: "He was really hot!" Me: "Looks like it."

I really have to stop taking these pictures during the anthem, but I swear, it looks like Freddie is looking right at me and smiling. Which isn't possible, but I'm still really amused at this picture.

Every day. *yawn*

Go Beachy!

Jenna: "Oh my gosh that is the cutest. Will you please send that to me?" Yes. :)

Got four really great pics of MattE. It almost made me wish I wore my #23 shirsey, but I was busy wearing my All-Star Venters shirsey. :)

Ready MattE

#3 of 4

Last one!

Cristhian WAS grinning for my camera, but he got distracted.


That really is how close we were sitting. I mean, there IS a tiny bit of aisle / stairs there, but you see why it feels so close?! BECAUSE IT IS CLOSE.

The last couple of Phillies series, we've been sitting near some really amusing fans that I don't always see in the section. They like to taunt Hunter Pence for being extraordinarily twitchy. (I approve of this.) Here is a little HP discomfort for you...

During one half-inning, we counted every time he tugged/touched anything in his pelvic and thigh region. He pulled on things 83 times. That's a bit excessive. Someone replace his Five Hour Energy with some water now and then, okay? It's for his health!

I really wouldn't mind if Jonny knocked Victorino down next time.

Head popped into my shot just as I was zoomed in on Tommy Hanson making a hilarious face!

crazy Jonathan Papelbon



Full gallery here. Wednesday's pics will be posted soon! Thanks for the tickets, Kolbi, even if they were embarrassingly close to the bullpen bench. Please stop talking about getting season tickets there now. :D

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