Game Day Pictures: Braves vs Nationals 5-25-12

Mac is GREAT at catching.

Tammy, SJ, Tammy's friends and their new baby, Catherine and I went to the game Friday night. They've played pretty well at the other games I've attended this year -- what happened tonight, boys?!

Well, a lot of them were/are sick. MattE seriously looked like he was going to keel over. When their illnesses have run their course, I think we'll be back in first in no time. Just think, when you have the flu (real flu, not a cold), you stay home from work and lay on the couch and drink lots of fluids. No one wants you at work, infecting everyone else. These guys have to come in when they're sick, put on all their gear, sit in the sweltering on-field heat, maybe even come in and run or play? Not to mention...start?! Crazy.

Catherine, Jenna and I watched BP together before meeting up with Tammy and SJ. Here are some pictures...

They came out to stretch much later than usual; the field was empty when gates opened.

The Nats came out at the same time and took over left field. Strasburg is always, always socks up.

Best functional warmup stance ever.

"Atlanta's Most Preferred"

Stay away from Mac -- he's pretty sick.

Every. Single. Time. a ball was hit to Beachy.

Catherine: "OH, his face is pretty in that one. What's WRONG with Emily??"

Fraternizing - Chipper with DeRo, Marteen with ?

And the ultimate in fraternizing - check out Livo greeting every single Nats pitcher stretching in LF (and the trainer)...


here you go, Catherine ;)

I like the laces on this BP glove, Seems like they're having fun with their BP gear this year. :)

hilarious Meds face

So many smiles, including Bryce Harper there in the back

See, Beachy's shoelaces are fun too. (Catherine took this one.)

Catherine took this one too - she was trying to see if he was growing his beard out and got a picture of his COMPLETELY PERFECT FINGERNAILS.

DeRo cracking Uggla up

Wait, let me caption this as if I work for a news service. "ATLANTA, GA - MAY 25: Dan Uggla #26 of the Atlanta Braves reacts to Mark DeRosa #7 of the Washington Nationals prior to the game at Turner Field on May 25, 2012 in Atlanta, Georgia."

In the club level retail store: the BMac plush doll on the left has green eyes. Chipper is on the right; I didn't pick him up. These dolls are $30.

Falco: Freddie, how MASSIVE are your shoulders? Freddie: Hmm, about like this?

@car724 on Twitter: "HAHAHA. Oh they make it too easy"

1. Socks. ♥ 2. I need to video their handshakes next time. Livo picked up Falco in a hug and someone was dancing with JHey, including JHey twirling. It was magical.

Be careful, Dan...

Kimmie's new-NEW backpack looks like a cooler. EO has a circle in his back pocket. :(

Jack Wilson's awesome socks & shoes

Nice camera, Pouya! :D


Beachy, Minor, Hanson, Delgado

view from 203

LaRoche is pretty far ahead of this Huddy pitch!

Rossy hurt his groin again. :(

streaker in the 9th - yes, I was distracted for much of the game by this girl...

"This is the 16 shirt you got for me." "I'm going up to go tell Mom I'm finished with my Dippin Dots." "I'm gonna blow bubbles now." "Where's Brian McCann? Oh, there he is. GO BRIAN!" I love her, haha.

Me: My cousin's going to go talk to that boy.
SJ: Which boy?
Me: That one in the #26 jersey...see? She's talking to him now.
SJ: Ohhh... *stares*

Catherine wrote this up...

The guy seating across the aisle from us looked strikingly similar to Beachy. Same smile, hair color, etc. I pointed this out to Larn and she convinced me to go talk to him. So, when his buddies left and he was sitting alone and I worked up the nerve and went and sat in the seat directly in front of him and the conversation went as follows.

Catherine: Hey I noticed you are wearing an Uggla jersey but you look a lot like my favorite Brave… so I was wondering if you happened to be his relative or brother.

“Kirk”: “Who”

Catherine:*pause* (look dead in his eyes like you know exactly who I’m talking about) Brandon Beachy

“Kirk”: Nah

So I just shrugged my shoulders and said alright and walked off. Let’s look at the facts: 1. They look so much alike. 2. He did not have a Southern accent. 3. What guy would deny being a Beachy so quickly unless you were prepared to do so before hand??

(the next morning)
Larn, I gotta add one more thing – he’s not as good-looking as Beachy.



MLB videos from this game, my full gallery here. Feel better soon, boys!

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