Game Day Pictures: Braves vs Marlins 5-17-12

Complete Game Winner!

My cousin Catherine: "May 17th, best Braves game I’ve ever been to." It helps that Beachy is her favorite, he pitched the best game of his professional career, and Eddie threw her one of  Beachy's warmup balls from the bullpen. :) But more on that later... we'll go chronologically through the night, as usual. BP first!

Delgado ran sprints. Catherine: "He's CUTE."

We like Jack Wilson's glove.

Catherine took the camera down to the wall. I like Tommy's frown-grin here and Jonny's red shoelaces.

Catherine: "Stupid hat, ruining your picture!"


Catherine took this one. "I'm on a quest to get a picture of Eric O'Flaherty smiling! He doesn't smile enough!" she said.

C: "I got a good one!! ...Wait, what's in his pocket. It's too big to be dip." Yeah, just a smashed bottle.

EO and Kimmie were having fun out there.

Here's a short video of them attempting to turn double plays from a batted ball to the outfield to the center field net. This one wasn't successfully turned, but it's the only one I captured and you can get the idea.

Cute. :)

Also cute: Marteen cracking up Omar and some other Marlins. Fraternizing!! <3

Signing for someone in the 755 Club. Minor signed the ball first and Kimbrel tossed the ball back up.

Look at Carlos Zambrano's shoes. Love it. :)


Bonafacio took BP with a Mother's Day bat, LoMo behind him in the cage

Catherine: "Batting practice: nothing too great. The boys were being silly and staying over toward right field and well, we don’t move from the normal spot because then we wouldn’t be able to talk to Constance during." (Our favorite stadium employee, and she has a birthday this weekend!!) Before we headed over to right field, we stopped at the FSS set so she could meet Brian Jordan. BJ was as awesome as ever and it was nice to talk to him for half a second before he had to go back to work. As we were leaving he said "we really need a win tonight," and I replied, "Oh. We're going to win. No problem." He high fived me and oh look... we won!

We headed to right field in time to watch warmups and ended up staying for the game. :)

Catherine has the camera again, y'all... you know what that means!


More Beachy

Yep, lots of Beachy in the big album (link at the end of the post)

She took some good Mac pics too (I had to pry her away from #37, haha)

This was her favorite. Mac was getting hooted at by an unattractive girl, and his face cracked Catherine up. She showed me this picture when she came upstairs and pointed out the girl, and I thought, poor Mac. He's so used to hot girls hooting at him. That *would* have been a shock. :D

This is the picture she chose to share on the blog Facebook page last night after the game. :)


Hi boys. Right after I took this Meds knocked Kimmie's glove off his suitcase. :)

Funny story: y'all know how I prefer Jonny to wear his uniform socks up always, right? (Exceptions being really cold days, of course.) Well, I jokingly told Catherine that when they walked through the bullpen to the back to put down their things, she should say, "Nice socks, Jonny!"

I didn't think she'd actually do it. Or that he'd hear her. Or that he'd look up and not look at her, but look right in my eyeballs. I couldn't see his face, just his eyes, but Catherine said he smiled then looked at her and nodded.

Oops, I think he might somehow know that I like his socks up. :)

Catherine: Kimmie's wearing his hat funny! Take a picture!

This was a great game.

Freddie! HOMERING!

Freeman's solo blast (video)


I call these "bullpen bugs" because they're EVERYWHERE over there. Anyone know what they actually are? They fly like ladybugs and are about the same size.

Huddy hung out in the bullpen for a few innings. Meds scared the crap out of him by sneaking up from the back and whistling super-loud. Ha!

There were serious storms in the area, but we only got sprinkled on twice. Gorgeous sky!

Catherine: "EO's stretching. Gimme your camera!!"

Catherine: "EO and Jonny looked up so I got out the camera but EO was determined not to smile but he failed cause he grinned." Yeah, my favorite parts of this picture are EO being all, "Yeah, she's taking a picture, I'm going to look totally normal..." and Jonny trying not to smile into the water bottle. (Except his eyes are still smiling.) :D

Biting his nails in the bottom of the 8th. Don't worry, Beachy. You got this.

in the 9th



Me: Bye boys! Have a good road trip! Catherine: Look at EO struttin'. Me: hahaha

MLB video pack is here, including some great Beachy highlights.

My/our full gallery here. There are some decent pics! :)

OH! Can't leave out Catherine's favorite part!!

During pre-game warm up I was at the top of the bullpen watching Beachy warm up and when he switched balls, Eddie happened to be looking at me so I asked him if I could have to ball and he gave it to me. :) It smells nice with a hint of minty!

So fun! And yes, she made me smell it and yes, it's minty. I like it. Here she is at the end of the game, with the Player of the Game on the jumbotron behind her.

This is picture #37 of the blog post. Are you proud of me, Cathern? You'll have to explain to Rossy why that pretty picture of him on the jumbotron got cut. ;)

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