Opening Day 2012

hello 2012!

Opening Day just doesn't feel like Opening Day until it's at home, right Braves fans? Well, they'll be home in a week and hopefully with a winning record by then. :) Until then, here are some pics from the first game of 2012! We'll score runs tomorrow!!

JHey being introduced

our great starter



"MAAAAAAAC" (Michelle voice)

flying squirrel shortstop

Perfect Eye Black doubles off Santana. Shocker. (not really) :D

The top of his head looks weird. Like a shaved baby doll. :)

"no visible tobacco". it's a marshmallow. ;)

kicking exactly as much butt as we expected

I swear Freddie's wearing his jersey Uggla-style this season. Watch for it...

Condescending Trump wishes the Mets had beaten us harder.

Finally, here are the MLB videos from this game, including interviews with Hanson and Santana, Pastornicky's first career hit (a triple!), Venters getting out of his bases-loaded jam (I swear, it's the long pants - yes, I know it was cold), and Tommy's great pickoff.

We'll get to R.A. Dickey on Saturday, boys! Chins up!

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