Javy Guerra is pretty tough

Did you go to sleep before you saw this crazy comebacker by BMac that smacked Dodgers' closer Javy Guerra right in the kisser? How he stayed in the game, I don't understand... and neither did anyone else, from the announcers to other players.

AJC: How scary was that initially for you, when the ball went off Guerra’s face

McCann: “Oh, man. I told a couple of guys he’s my new favorite player. I mean, it didn’t even faze him. I hit it as hard as I possibly could, and I don’t think it even hit his glove. And for him to get up and pitch … I don’t think too many guys would want to mess with him.”

Freeman: “I still haven’t seen the replay. I don’t want to see it. Javy’s one of my good friends. I just hope that he’s all right.”

So crazy. Hope he's okay!


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