Game Day Pictures: Braves vs Pirates 4-27-12

Our pretty Beachy "stretching" during batting practice

Cousin Catherine and I went to the game Friday, had a super-awesome time. The picture above is the best one I snagged, but I'll post a few more below. Everyone was pretty scattered today!

Rossy laughing. EO hat. HUDDY! Kimmie's cute grin.

I swear, it looks like Meds can see my lens pointed at him from all the way across the field AND HE IS SMIRKING.

So far away today, boys!

I really like MikeMinor's shoes.

Why does Jonny use this beautiful beard-colored glove during BP but that boring black glove during games?

O was doing... pull ups?

We had no idea, but it was very entertaining.

Catherine: "Use your super-creeper zoom and try to get a picture of Beachy's watch." Me: "Why is he wearing a watch out here? Also, I like the band."

Former Brave Nate McLouth warming up. He got boo-ed. :(

Little ones played an inning in the outfield and did the parade. It was super-cute.

This one got an autograph from Michael Bourn. He grinned and waved his hat as he ran to deeep center field. I've never seen a kid run that far!

Mac loves running. You can tell by his face. ;)

Hanson warming up


Huddy and Homer vote for the All-Star Game

I know it's probably a little disrespectful to take pictures during the national anthem, but look at the faces!

Tube Top stood up to take a picture of our rookie of the year. He's so popular!

Ready to win!

SO many little girls wearing Braves Love shirts at the stadium this weekend! That's so awesome, but is it wrong that it bothers me a little? I started the Braves Love blog in 2007 but a fan can't get licensing permissions to sell MLB gear, so Target and Old Navy get to profit on a "brand" I've been working on for 5 seasons?

Beachy laid out on the bench, drumming with his hands. Catherine loved this. :)

Livo sugaring his coffee, Cory Gearrin looking cute

Someone explain to me why MLB makes Moylo cover his tats but AJ Burnett doesn't have to? Isn't this MLB policy, not team policy? I asked Twitter; Moylo says he doesn't know.

Meds dealing to Nate McLouth


I don't usually take pics of them on the bench when I sit over here... unless they do something really cute. Like play with their hair.

Switch hitter! I swear, Meds can do everything. (Like a pitching Marteen!)


Now this pissed Catherine off...

Lauren: Anything special you remember from Friday that I need to share?
Catherine: Chipper freaking being player of the game instead of Uggla and meds and I so said he's Sit out a game since he had one diving catch and of course he had to! Oh cute sweet guy in the store and the jersey price difference ?? Ugh dumb fat climbing lady and how ppl need to learn how to dress

Yeah, Uggla definitely should have been player of the game. Or Meds, with his awesome 3-inning save. And the store she mentioned -- we went up to the new game worn collectibles shop. It's tiny, but it's SO COOL. They have jerseys priced from $25 (issued but unworn BP jerseys with minor-leaguers' high numbers on the back) to $3500 (Chipper Jones game-worn). Freddie's game-worn jersey was $2000, and I asked if that was a typo. It was not. "He was runner-up to the Rookie of the Year!" :)

Full gallery here.


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