Game Day Pictures: Braves vs Brewers 4-13-12

Home Opener! We had beautiful weather and it was so great to see friends, old and new, all around the park. I only went to Friday's game, but it was exactly as exciting as you'd hope. My pictures below, followed by some pro photos...

my usher friend Constance says, "I love it when you come to BP. (Stuff) gets interesting when you're here." Heh, I'm glad? ;D

Huddy directing traffic, Meds squatting

Kimmie kicked JV's glove, went to retrieve it for him, and kicked it again.

I don't know how amused Jonny was. Check out where his glove is now.

Freddie's arms are insanely long! And this is insanely cute!

Pretty EO.

Beachy responding to the crowd


Alex still doesn't suffer any fools.

National Anthem by The Civil Wars

My brother says these were F-5 Tigers. (He designs wings for naval aircraft.)

ceremonial first pitch

What are they making the Rookie of the Year carry. That is a camo rolling carry-on bag, isn't it?

Marteen played third; Alison was happy. I like his new cleats.

There's a new bench in the dugout!

Mac went 4-for-5 with 4 RBIs :)

Heyyy Alison.

Love it when all the boys play the Jumbotron games; still hate the Hi-Low game.

JJ pitched well; not very few of my pictures of him came out well.

Meds' arm is gonna fall off if he keeps getting used every day.

I'm tired of reading that 2011 was a fluke season.

His performance today didn't help my argument, sadly.

Is Ske's gameface the best on our team?

My camera was doing a weird autofocus thing and the rest of my pictures are oddly colored. I don't know how to fix it. Sorry Jonny.

See? Totally different colors.

They FINALLY got rid of the swirly vines and lotus leaves! It's ALL FIRE now. YESSS.

A little of Kimbrel's intro and some of the flames around the stadium. Sorry it's a little jerky - I was trying to get everything in!

He shut it down, of course. We won 10-8, and here are a few high-fives at the end of the game:

My full gallery can be found here.

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As promised, here are some of the pro pictures...

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