Wednesday wrapup


close second for the featured picture - thought I should give Freddie the top spot since Marteen made it a few days ago :)

but really, didn't we all miss this swing?

we missed this too!

YES, I knew I liked Michael Bourn!

today's starter

always hustling

was this pre- or post-lick?

Now, for some interesting articles...

This is such a sweet article - I loved reading it. Atlanta Business Chronicle: After quake, Braves pitcher Buddy Carlyle’s family helps stabilize Japanese single mom

So happy they dislike the nickname "O'Ventbrel" as much as I do. Bowman's Blog: Looking ahead: Freeman returns; Hanson makes progress

While in the clubhouse this morning, I threw around some potential nicknames for these three relievers. They really don’t believe they deserve a nickname until they prove themselves again. But it’s safe to say they do not like the O’Ventbrel moniker that has been used by some other media outlets.

“That’s brutal” Venters said when O’Ventrbrel was mentioned.

Sporting News: Dinner with Atlanta Braves closer Craig Kimbrel Braves relief trio focused only on winning

There's a little bit about DeRo's home run off Jonny in the article above, and I enjoyed reading a little more in the two articles linked below. It's been a while since DeRo hit a home run! Johnson talks Werth, DeRosa, Desmond's defense The meaning of Mark DeRosa’s home run Braves happy to have Hinske as leader

Finally, I just love JJ's hair in this video...

Driving to Orlando in the morning! Hope my mom and I survive the road trip ;) and everything is super-fun at the game on Friday! If you have any Orlando suggestions please share... we've both been several times and don't plan to go to a Disney Park, but we might check out the Strawberry Festival or Downtown Disney tomorrow.

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