Jenni met Jason Aldean at Braves camp!

Jenni with Jason Aldean

Here's Jenni's story, followed by her pictures. So awesome! I really like his music.

I wasn't scheduled to work until late yesterday... so I thought why not? I'll go watch the Braves practice, especially after I heard Jason Aldean was going to be there! He mostly hung out with Chipper the whole time... and Rossy for a while as well. He basically went through the whole warm up and then all of practice as well. It was really cute how all the guys introduced themselves… My favorite was Tyler Pastornicky's intro. He just walked up to him all smiling and said "Good job man... Oh I'm Tyler by the way." with a big grin on his face. Adorable. When they were practicing ground balls at first, Hinske told him not to show him up... and after he bobbled a ball Fredi G walked over and gave him some instruction. He just smiled and did the right the next time. I also have some pictures of some other Braves in here… a few of Martin, because he is my favorite! and one with Kimmeh, who isn't looking at the camera. Silly boy.

Thank you for sharing, Jenni! Follow her @jennimartin7 on Twitter. :)

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