Is this OUR Mac?

I would really love it if Pretty Eyes had dinner with ("enemy"/division rival) BMac. Don't know who he's actually talking about, though. :)

Okay, not much more to share. Here are a few things, then I need to get back to planning for my Orlando trip! SO excited! I wonder who will start at home on Friday... Delgado?

My Twitter friend @SP_Mathemaniac went to the first game of Spring Training and posted some of his great pictures here, as well as on Twitter. This might be my favorite:

Haha, gross. This picture is NOT gross:

And the article on today about Prado is pretty good too: Prado in better head space this season

Braves just won, 10-5! Way to go, boys! See you Friday!!!


PS - Remember the little Braves Love dress Target was selling last year? Check out what they're selling now:

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