“I can’t stop smilin’!”

Let's start today's ST post with a great Rossy video. He takes us on a tour of Photo Day!

Video: Braves Photo Day

And here's the AJC Photo gallery from photo day yesterday. Here you go, Chipper fans...

Chipper Jones' photograph is shown on the back of a camera owned by Braves photographer Pouya Dianat.

This picture is pretty great too...

But not as great as this one, from the Zimbio album from picture day. (Which doesn't have all the Braves in it, boo.)

I laughed out loud at this face. I'm sorry, I can't help it. :D

Okay, a few articles and some important tweets...

AJC.com: McCann shoulders blame for Braves' collapse (Ridiculous, Mac.)

AJC.com: Braves slugger Gattis has a story. Man, does he ever

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