Happy St. Patty’s!

How are you celebrating today? I'm going to a picnic, a dinner/party, it's a friend's birthday, and I'm wearing a green bracelet. I didn't realize how few green casual clothes I have -- it used to be my favorite color! (When I was 3.) (Anyway...)

Here's a bunch of stuff to read / listen to. Enjoy!

Grand Slams are awesome. Now please do this during the season, boys.

SiriusXM Sports audio interview with Craig Kimbrel

Braves.com: Accident didn't rob Salazar of passion for game

Braves.com: Braves family helps Porter during tough time

Who's coming to this with me? :) Run the Bases, Visit the Braves Museum, Tour Turner Field and more during Braves FREE Open House on Saturday, March 31

Fox Sports South has been putting some "Meet the Braves" on their website. I especially liked learning that Cory Gearrin lived with Beachy & Minor last year (and laughed that they called Buckhead "trendy").

Also at FSS, you may enjoy a Javy Lopez Q & A (in tandem with his book release). The Orioles SB Nation blog did a review of the book as well, and it didn't take long to discover non-Braves fans are very disappointed in the book. He considers himself a Brave! I don't know what to tell you. :)

Back to the FSS Q & A, I wanted to share one question that I always wondered, and I'm glad Javy answered it honestly. It always bugged me that Maddux didn't want him...

Q: Does it still bother you that you didn’t catch Maddux?

A: It did bother me because there were some games I really wanted to play because of the pitcher we were facing. I thought I could hit him really well. And then there were some days, like a Sunday, when I could use a day off because I caught the night before. But you know what, there were a lot of days, especially my last year with the Braves – 2003 – I mean, that year, I lost so many at-bats by not catching him, and I was on fire offensively. If I had over 500 at-bats, I’ve always been curious to see how many home runs I would have hit that year.

Have you entered to win a copy of Javy's book yet? :D

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