Chipper’s knee and more…

not using a cane ;) but walking with the Mrs and a trainer after the press conference

Did the busted meniscus prompt the retirement announcement? I don't know, but here are some articles on Chipper that you might be interested in. (Note: I did not read these.) Chipper will start year on DL after knee surgery Chipper to have knee surgery Monday

Here are some I *did* read and thought you might enjoy... Chipper touts McCann as new face of Braves (Well, some of us have thought Mac was the face of the Braves for a few years now.) :) Braves ride Uggla, Prado to win over Mets (Don't lie, you know you laughed at this article title too.) Rest works wonders on Venters' left elbow (Updates have indicated it's his bicep, not his elbow... same as last year. Don't overdo it, JV! Rest is good!) Menasha's Eric Hinske good fit as role player, mentor with Atlanta Braves

FSS: Meet the Braves: Freddie Freeman (I like the "You Should Know" section. Sometimes I can't believe he didn't win ROY after winning the rookie triple crown, but that's the breaks when your competition is shattering records.)

If someone made a baby doll of this guy, do you think they'd get the cheeks right?

Now a little Turner Field news. Are you going to the Open House next week?


  • Watch the Braves face off against the Tigers in live Spring Training action on BravesVision.
  • Braves commercial casting call - You could be in an upcoming Braves commercial. Come tell your Braves story at the Fan Wall.
  • Kids Run the Bases - Kids 14 and under are invited to come run the bases just like the pros!
  • Behind the scenes tours - Get an inside look at the Braves Clubhouse, dugouts, SunTrust Club and more.
  • Free interactive games in Scouts Alley - Test your pitching and batting skills in Scouts alley. The radar gun and batting cages are waiting!
  • Giveaways and prizes throughout the day with the Braves Tomahawk Team and Heavy Hitters.

Many of you have done the tour before, but have you ever watched our Braves playing, not at home, on Braves Vision? I haven't! This should be cool. More info here. :)

Random: I was looking in an old album and found some pics of a ton of friends and I at the open house in 2007. Here's Jennifer, Roger, and I in the dugout. I lost a bet and had to get my face airbrushed. That was a cold day!

Finally, once the season starts... if you like sandwiches, you might like this addition to the stadium fare:

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