Chipper Jones will retire after 2012

I spent so many years disliking Chipper because of an event in 1995. As the years have passed I've learned to not take things so personally - especially since my brother didn't! - and I do recognize what he's meant to the team and to other fans.

Here's what's sticking in my mind... it's not that I'll miss Chipper or that I ever saw him as an idol or the face of the Braves... it's that I appreciate what a steady influence he was on the team. He played as much as his body allowed and he was loyal to the club that took care of him. Alison and I were just saying last night that we could see him skipping the step of moving up within the minor leagues and just immediately becoming our Atlanta hitting coach as soon as he retires. Alison: "He's a switch hitter! He can help everyone! It's perfect!"

Thanks for not drawing the decision out any more, Chipper. It's time. And we really appreciate all the positive things you've done for the Braves.

Please post your reactions to Chipper's retirement in the comments.

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