Braves License Plate and more!

Have you pre-ordered your tag yet?


For now it looks like the tags are only available in Georgia and I've inquired about whether any of the extra fees are tax-deductible (since the money goes to the Atlanta Braves Foundation, not into team payroll). But Georgia Braves fans! Isn't this awesome!

I've already signed up and I hope you sign up before Wednesday as well. Wouldn't it be cool if we all sat together in our free seats at the game? I wonder if we can do that. :)

More goodies!

Patrick Wormsley of SP Digital Photo took this SCARY FOREARMS picture of Ske. Click the pic to visit his site and see more great Braves pictures!

Good try, Mac.

I can't decide which of these EO pictures is the best. What do you think?

Option 1 ~ Option 2

"Dodge" was called out for running out of the basepaths today. He didn't look that far off, watching the play live. Hmm. Well, guess his nickname has a couple of meanings. :D

Will Delgado and his Socks UP be our #5 starter, or will it go to Meds?

Finally. In this fantasy baseball article, these Yahoo dudes listed "10 Players We Love More Than You". No, I can't imagine that first guy loves Jonny more than I do. ;) (I appreciated seeing several Braves across the lists, though.)


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