2012 ST Games Start TODAY!

What a glorious day!! It's 57 degrees in Atlanta right now and I'm wearing a new Braves shirt, listening to the game on the radio and eating a delicious salad. (I know, you care a lot about that part.) While I listen, I'll link to all the good stuff I can find from the past couple of days...

#Braves Jason Heyward bending the bat in the cage. on Twitpic

This was kind of a big deal. They even discussed about it on Intentional Talk.

(LOVE THIS. Wish our boys would take fun twitpics like this.)

(Love this too!!)

(Of course not. Those are fun places. You feel happy when you go there.) ;)

AJC.com: Minor more confident entering Grapefruit opener

AJC.com: Kimbrel still bargain after bigger-than-usual raise

Winning the National League Rookie of the Year and receiving votes for Cy Young and Rolaids Relief Man awards lifted Kimbrel’s salary to about $590,000, up from $419,000 in 2011.

While still a relative bargain for a pitcher who led major league relievers with 127 strikeouts and tied for the NL lead with 46 saves, Kimbrel’s salary is the highest ever for a Brave with less than two years of service time.

Nice, Kimmeh. (Still underpaid, but he'll get his.)

Braves.com: Peas in a pod: Wagner, Kimbrel share bond

"He's not as country as I am," Wagner said by telephone Wednesday afternoon about an hour after Kimbrel made this observation -- "Billy's more country than me." -- while standing at his locker in the Braves' clubhouse here.

Braves.com: Braves have mixed feelings on added playoff

"I like the one game for all of the marbles kind of thing because it's either put up or shut up," Braves backup catcher David Ross said. "It's going to be fun. The fans are going to be tuned in. It will get a lot of media attention. It will be a lot of fun."

FoxSportsSouth.com: Dale Murphy Q & A

AP: Country star Jason Aldean works out with Braves

AJC.com: Aldean at bat: Not bad for a country singer

Don't know how long this will stay on YouTube, so watch while you can!

Today's bizarre photo: Prado hugging Prince! Who knew they were friends?

"I'm pretty much over this 7am Photo Day thing."

"Seriously, guys. Over it."


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