The biggest little BMac fan I know

After the jersey unveiling last week, I made exactly two phone calls while waiting on the elevator crowds to die down as we left the 755 Club. See, they were selling the new cream-colored jerseys and shirseys a little early to all the season ticket holders. Jenna left the event immediately - she had to get to work - so I called her to see if she needed me to get her a #5 shirt. Then I called Tammy to see if SJ needed another #16, of course. You may remember SJ from this game last August, when she told Roger that BMac was her boyfriend:

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So of course she needed another shirt with her favorite player's number on the back!

My favorite 5-year-old McCann fan!

Too cute -- can't wait to take her back next year. :) I was just telling Tammy I wish my mom had saved the Dale Murphy jersey I had when I was 3 years old -- what a lucky girl to have TWO Mac shirts!

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