Does Dan Uggla have any nicknames for his biceps?

Video: Dan Uggla answers fan question

FSS also put up a little Moylo interview. I say "little", but it's 10x longer than all the other Q&As. :)

Video: Moylan talks rehab and rejoining Braves

I didn't submit any questions for these little FSS interviews but I sure wish I had. I always have questions; I'm a very curious person!

There are just a few new things from ST...

Tommy Hanson doesn't have to dress out. He's special.


DOB's picture of Tommy's flowing mane

Hey, that looks nice to me! :)

(I am NOT linking to the picture of Kimmie with the hunting bow because I don't like thinking about him killing things for fun. ...I do eat meat, though. I know, it has to come from somewhere. I just don't like thinking about it.)

Were they tailgating? This is gonna be a great commercial - you can count on that. (They were both briefly in my Hunger Games dream last night - we were going into the arena and I was fairly certain Moylo was going to kill me immediately. Scary.)

AJC photo gallery for Saturday


Here's a link to the Braves items they have up so far. That St. Patty's Day shirt is really cute - too bad I'm not a 13-year-old girl. :D

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