2012 Preseason Season Ticket Holders Breakfast

My lovely friend Jenna invited me to today's STH breakfast, and it was a great time, as usual. We got to see a Q&A with Wren, Fredi, Chipper, Mac, and Uggla, then we watched the boys show off the new alternate uniforms, fashion-show style.

I told Jenna when Mac came out, "Mac looks thin!" She just looked at me and I laughed, "Right, right, annual weight loss. I should get on that article-writing bandwagon." (Also, please excuse the occasional "WOO"-ing in the videos. The bright red skinny jeans next to me were pretty loud.) ;)

At the end, Mac's "not lacrosse" joke really had everyone cracking up, and now we're wondering if he ever played lacrosse!

Here are some of the things they talked about in the Q&A, in case you missed the tweets:

After the Q&A they led us to the "Champions Room" in the 755 Club, where we were packed in under super-blue lights listening to corporate hold music for about 18 hours. Okay, it was really only about 30 minutes, but it felt like FOREVER. One of my friends was in the middle of the room, and in our text message conversation I told her her face was glowing. Poor girl was stuck right in a light and couldn't go anywhere. But it was worth it in the end, as we witnessed a brief history of the Braves uniforms and the players came out modeling the new alternates...

Gotta love Chipper's face at the end, like, "This is ridiculous!" After they were seated Mr. Hank Aaron was announced, and he received a standing ovation.

Then the players each offered their take on the new uniforms.

They informed us that we could buy the alternate jerseys at the CNN Center's Clubhouse Store and at Academy Sports & Outdoors. When we left the Champions Room, they had a ton of jerseys and shirseys for us to purchase, if we wanted to take one home! I bought a tiny #16 shirt for my friend SJ (who was thrilled) and a #46 for myself. I wish they sold all the players numbers on shirseys!

Photo gallery below, including a picture I took of the Early Throwing Program guys on the field after the event.

And here is some mainstream media coverage of the event...

MLB.com article on the new alternate uniforms (includes videos of the fashion show)

AJC article on the new alternate uniforms ~ AJC photo gallery

Associated Press article via ESPN


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