Braves Caravan, McDonough GA 1-30-12

two SI autographs down, three to go...

My buddy Bryce totally crapped out on me. Okay, okay, he's working night shifts and he's hardly ever in town and awake anymore, but that's no excuse!! Good thing I have some very nice Twitter followers who let me jump up about 75 spots to stand with them. Thanks Sarah, Nataleigh, and Carlie! We had a fantastic time discussing Twitter, other events we've been to, and who our favorite Braves are (and why). Such fun times!

Only took a few pictures - you'll see them below. Frank Wren was the nicest I've ever seen him. He was talking about how he knows FauxFrankWren and seemed amused by the Twitter account. Michael Bourn was wearing a Louis Vuitton boggin and his giant earrings. I told him I'd taken some "really great pictures" (ha) of him but didn't have time to print them out. Next time, Mike!

EO was so adorable, with his giant fluffy hair. Yes, I wanted to mention the hair, but I just handed him the issue of SI "where you look so cute," I said. I meant you collectively, but I think he took it personally. Well, it's not untrue... Anyway, he was a sweetheart, as usual. Freddie was the last player and I asked him to think about bringing back the Twitter picture with his tongue sticking out. He laughed and noncommittally said he'd change it.

Me (laughing back): You're lying; you won't.
Freddie (still laughing): No, I won't.

It was a real request, and I knew he 99.999% wouldn't change it to the silly picture, but hey, I tried. I could have said something about the fluffy first baseman's mustache too. Oh well!

Pictures below. I didn't speak with Don Sutton for the second day in a row. I kinda felt bad just nodding a greeting at him, but what could I say that hadn't been said to him by the 170+ people in front of me, you know?

Carlie, Wren, Bourn, O'Flaherty, Freeman

Carlie, Wren, Bourn, O'Flaherty, Freeman

Sutton, Tosca, Freddie, laughing EO, Wren, cute guy who was in line behind us

See you in Athens, Braves!

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