Braves Caravan, Auburn AL 1-29-12

Caravan stop #1 for my cousin Catherine and I! She says...

Okay so Lauren may claim I had to talk her into making the road trip to the Auburn Caravan but she asked me if I wanted to go first and then we equally decided it would be worth the trip, and it certainly was. When we arrived at Academy in Auburn we didn't think anyone was there but then we found the line.

It was longer than we expected, and they handed us these autograph passes:

We had fun in line, talking with a grandpa band director and his wife, a guy with Sutton 8x10, a guy with baseball cards that had both Huddy and Ske with hair! And two kids came up to me, showed me this tweet, and I gave them the cards. Yay, kids!

Also, Homer came down the line and greeted every single fan. The hat grosses me out, but once it was there what could I do?

Also while waiting, Catherine discovered a light-up hula hoop, took my dare (of course, she says), and hula-hooped for everyone.

It took us about 40 minutes from the time they started signing to get to the front of the line.

  • Tyler Pastornicky asked when I handed him the ball, "Am I going to be the only one to sign this?" Well, considering I don't have anything else in my hands... probably not. Catherine said he "is extremely good looking in my opinion. Better hope he keeps his looks and performs on the field because he was not personal. Literally said nothing to me." Oh, that's not good. He wasn't unfriendly to me, but he reminded me why I'm a tiny bit prejudiced against guys who wear #1. Sometimes confidence is a good thing! You just can't alienate the fans.
  • Eric Hinske was next. Catherine: "Ske smiled and informed me that my sharpie sucked so he used his instead." Nice, Ske. He asked me, "what's wrong with the ball? It feels like it got soaked." I hate to say I didn't have an answer for him -- it's one of my brother's BP home run balls. I wanted to tell him I liked his hair grown out and that I have some He-Man pictures of him I didn't have time to print out. He's totally old enough to get the He-Man reference! But the line was moving way-fast and I was just happy he was friendly and not weird.
  • Remember how sometimes Rossy is fun and jolly and sing-y, and sometimes he's...the opposite of that? He was kind of the opposite. Catherine: "When I got to Rossy I didn't want him to just sign my hat and sticker so I told him I had something special for him to sign and I pulled out the picture I took with him at the VIP batting experience this summer. He said, 'I knew I recognized you.' Of course this made my day and I'm sure I blushed." That was cute. I asked him what happened to his beard, and he petted his chin and said, "Oh. It's a contract year. I have to look young. You know, got a little gray in here." Me: "Haven't you seen all the commercials for Just for Men? [Huddy laughs] Yeah, don't Just For Men it." I'm gonna miss Beardy Rossy. I hope he changes his mind about that.
  • Tim Hudson was the last player. Catherine says, "Some of you may have seen the video I shared with Lauren of him dancing at the Luke Bryan concert, so of course I had to bring it up. I said, 'Thanks so much for getting Luke Bryan to come to town. It was a great show but I have to say my favorite part was your dance number.' He responded with pointing out they had been overserved but asked me what I thought of his dance moves. I told him we could work on them so he should stick with pitching for now, but I would give him some credit because Luke Bryan is a hard act to follow. (I mean seriously) He concluded the conversation with a great comeback: 'Luke's jeans were just a lot tighter than mine!'" Too funny! Huddy signed his jersey card for me.

Here are a few more pictures - we had a great time!

Pastornicky laughing


laughing boys

my only sorta-good picture of Huddy!

Huddy card, "wet" ball, and an instructional DVD a local lady gave us (starring Huddy)

Thanks, Braves! One caravan down, two more to go...

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