I’ve been kicking around this idea for over a year, and it might be time to go ahead and get it going.

I’m thinking about moving the blog to a real website.

I’ve spoken with a web developer, gotten suggestions from a few web savvy friends, spoken with people who work in baseball, and they’re all in agreement that I need to move.

I’m having a hard time with the idea.

• Room for expansion
• I’m told ads won’t be intrusive
• I can actually earn a little money doing something I love
• Larger pictures and videos inline
• It’s easy to change my Twitter name, wouldn’t lose followers (theoretically)
• Already have the Tumblr set up under the new name
• Almost 1500 posts are in the archives here and all would remain available (including gameday photo albums)

• I have to change the name – can’t earn a profit on the Braves trademarked name
• Upstart and continuing cost
• Losing my search rankings
• New Facebook page - everyone would have to re-like
• Ugh, ads
• Learning a new platform
• How much longer am I going to blog? Is it worth moving after 5 seasons?

What do you think, friends? Would you follow Braves Love to a real website?

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