“I would not be mad if he did”

That was JHey's big-smile response when they asked him if he thought JJ should start the all-star game in the interview below. I love these from 680 The Fan (and no, not because he's shirtless... they're just way longer than the pieces we get from other sources and I like seeing the background commotion)!

Freddie's hair is growing out nicely, and I noticed this past weekend that Kimmie's little hair-tail has grown out as well. Has the brohawk has run its course?

Mac won't be all alone in his All-Star truck this year! :)

(Check out the twitter addict in the back, heh heh.)

Anyway, 680 has a ton more videos. Check out their YouTube page, if you haven't already!

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Are you feeling a little under the weather? Would some sunshine on Thursday afternoon make you feel better?  :D Here's a doctor's note!

buy tix here or show this note at the ticket window!

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I got a meebo message a couple of nights ago, suggesting I enter a photography contest on Facebook. That would be an awesome idea, if I had a good camera or Lightroom and could really make the guys look as fun and pretty as we see them in person. I mean, how can I compete with this?


Oh yeah, that's @broken_southpaw's picture. He may have been the one who suggested I enter. Hi, I can't compete with you, Pat. Are you kidding? :D Thanks, though.

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AP images
As I write this, George Sherrill walks in from the bullpen. It's always interesting to learn things about the guys before they were Braves... I only half-remember a flat-bill pitching so long in the 2008 All-Star game, and I certainly didn't remember it was George Sherrill. Check out this article for a moment in the All-Star time machine...
Camden Chat: Orioles Top Ten All Star Moments #10: George Sherrill saves the AL

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After I griped earlier today about how difficult it is to find Braves gear that fits properly, a friend texted over a pic of the shirt she ordered that arrived today.

below is our actual text convo, with her permission...

Friend: so tight

Me: ALL the ones I order are - they're juniors sized. That's why I griped on the blog today. Remember my red & white top you tried on? That was an *XL*.

Friend: what a little girl xl?!? they make them in ho-size...i get your anger now and i'm on your side

Me: Thank you! What size did you get, a M?
Me: I wish I'd known you were ordering a shirt; I would have warned you.

Friend: Yes! and apparently they assumed i'm an xxs

Me: Their sizing is not right.

Just a warning, ladies... the shirts... they run small. They ALL run small. Just saying.

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Remember back in this gameday post, I took a pic of Jonny running in from the bullpen and joked that he looked like a deer? My hilarious cousin decided to make a comic based on this picture.


Her next piece is Uggla-based. After Apple Bottom Kimmie and Deer Jonny, I'm excited to see it. :)

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