Tommy Hanson’s Hair

Can we please discuss this...

June 21, 2011. Braves vs Blue Jays
(click to enlarge, as usual)

I was all prepared to tease him about the hair, but...

A. The beard looks shorter - did he trim it? That's good. :)

B. The hair looks slightly shorter. The color is good (not that he can see it), and I like the amount of curl. (I still think it's too long. I don't like long hair on boys.)

...I'm sorry, time out. He was playing with it. He was. We were just to the right field side of the dugout, and it was more than just combing it back to put it back under his hat. Hilarious.

More from this game soon, and two more games of pics to edit and upload. This game will have lots of Rossy and DLowe, because they stayed so close to our end of the dugout. Love those two!

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