Does chewing tobacco help your low back feel better?

Okay, that was a little bit snarky. Sorry Huddy, I do hope your back feels better soon. My fibromyalgia locks up my hips more often than any other part of my body, so I should be nicer... but really, the tobacco in the cheek... it's not a good look.

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(Well, at least we'll never wonder if he was a 'roider. He's still so thin!) :)
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(This is better.)

Huddy...get the back massaged, drink a lot of water, get some good rest, and please... no more pictures like the first three. Yuck.

Feel better soon, Huddy. We love ya! ❤

eta: A friend - a girl - who was once dared to keep a wad of tobacco in her mouth "for one full minute" said it gave her more of a buzz than anything else she's ever done. Maybe he needed the extra energy... but I'm sorry, I still think tobacco is gross.

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