MikeMinor vs Beachy


It's been a long weekend and I might not be remembering things correctly, but... as much as I like Mike Minor, is there a reason he's pitched twice as many "A" games as Beachy? It feels like Beachy's only pitched "B" games, even though in my mind, he's on equal footing with Minor for the job. Is this the Braves' way of saying they're favoring MM over BB? I kinda hope not. Why can't we have both?! CABravesFan and I were discussing it, and she says they're rotating the guys in the 5th rotation spot, but honestly, I don't remember. (I kinda have a lot on my plate right now... just moved, Grammy in ICU, laid off from my contract job, need another job asap!)

Anyway, I just love our pitching depth, even with Meds' injury. When he comes back we're going to have a wonderful problem!

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