So the Giants won the World Series…

With one final, masterful performance by The Freak, the Giants shut down Frenchy and the Rangers three games to one last night, and the 2010 baseball season came to a close. I feel a little better about our playoff run coming to an end knowing we lost out to the eventual champs, and I was so proud of former Brave Edgar Renteria winning the World Series MVP award.

Following the Giants as closely as we have over the last six weeks, I got a little fond of a few of the players. :) Ended up with huge "playoff crushes" on Cody Ross (socks, playoff beard, AWESOME... how could you not, you know?), Brian Wilson (spent far too many hours watching interviews with him online), and heeeey DeRo! I missed you. :D

Here are a few interviews I found amusing last night. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did. Four months! What are we going to do?!

Lincecum & Lee arriving for Game 5. I tweeted that Lincecum looks a little PeeWee Herman, which prompted one of my followers to make this. Ha!

This is from the live interview, and one of Lincecum's comments was cut for the replay. Can you guess which one? ;)

Cliff's eyes are gorg, super-love the rosin-hat, too. (You won't need that for a few more months, hon.)

Back to happy! Does it get happier than this hop of Cody's? His hops were one of the best things about the playoffs, period. :D

Seeing the celebrations with their kids after the game was pretty great. In the following vid, Jeremy Affeldt's son (?) isn't buying that his clothes are soaked with water / "grape juice" - watch his face! - and Cody's little boy is super-way-ultra-cute.

And finally, the closer, Brian Wilson. Why is his beard so dark? (I love him.)

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