“Psychologist”, “Gravity”, and some Surprise Socks

I've mentioned before that I have Google Alerts on most of the players I like so I can share fun hidden internet nuggets with you guys, and a few great things have come in over the last few days that y'all definitely need to see. :)

First, here's 8 minutes of Chris Rose interviewing Rossy back in June!

Video Link

1. I love Chris Rose anyway. 2. I love what Rossy said about whether they pranked Heyward. ;) 3. I LOVED Rossy's description of Schafer's reaction. :D Not surprising at all. ♥

Second, here's an article on Brandon Beachy from his hometown paper.

NW’s Beachy relished his late callup to the big leagues

Hope to see much more of him next year!

Finally, um, Mike. Dude. You should be socks up all the time.

Source. Awesome.

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