More Wild Card celebration!

Rossy and Huddy - by Crista, who was there!

FOX Sports South's interview with Tim HudsonLove how he gets distracted by the game in the background. :D

FOX Sports South's interview with Bobby Cox
"Our guys were ready..."

FOX Sports South's video of the Braves' celebration!
- "Way to go, Brooksy!" "Way to go, baby!"
- The Heyward/Freeman swirly/jumpy huggy hug is FAB
- Rossy and MattE lifting Bobby on the field, Bobby shoving Rossy!

FOX Sports South's interview with Brooks Conrad
"We're a buncha drama queens over here, I guess."

FOX Sports South's interview with Derrek Lee
"We're going to fight till the end."

Moylan surprises FOX Sports South's Bill Shanks while Bill interviews Brian Snitker

FOX Sports South's interview with Tommy Hanson
"From the time I was a little kid, this is exactly what I wanted to do."

Dancing boys (mostly Moylan)

Braves manager Bobby Cox looks to eject the competition

12 minute video mashup (nothing new) on YouTube (I put this here in case FOX takes their videos down...)

NEW - from - Bobby, Chipper, & Mac, and I can't believe they beered Kim Hudson (about 2 mins in)! Wait, yes I can. :D She must be a wonderful sport!

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AJC - Braves quotes after Sunday win (updated after Padres loss)

AJC - Braves clinch wild card, first postseason berth since 2005

AJC - Braves could have six or more rookies on roster - Braves ride fighting spirit into postseason

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Some of Chandra's photos from the postgame celebrations!



Rossy (what letter is he forming? haha!)

Rossy with the t-shirt gun


Someone's getting a SkeHug! The Braves Lovvies have pretty much collectively decided a SkeHug would be the best Braves hug (personal feelings about all other players aside), so we're all collectively a little jealous of gray hoodie here. ;) Also, note the BEER CANS IN THE T-SHIRT GUNS.

Mac, Rossy: Don't fire the t-shirt guns with beers in them. :D

Mac really wants to, look at him!

He's so cute with it.

JC, Jonny, Omar

JC Boscan and his fam, Omar photobombing ;)

BMac and Huddy with the flag

DLowe huggin' on his wife (aww)

Meds about to throw a t-shirt into the crowd

Rossy coming over to talk to his wife, Moylan heading out of the dugout

Gray Hoodie is huggin' on Moylo! Is that Mandy? Oooh! :D

Bobby on his boys' shoulders

Rossy giving his wife a smooch, everyone looking happy


Please send over more pics if you were there!! ♥ Thanks for sharing, Chandra!

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