An apology

Dear Lovvies,

Some of you have noticed that the blog seems a bit out of sorts lately -- infrequent postings, not much jolly dialogue, etc. That's for two reasons... first, I used to create posts for stories I didn't really have much to say about, and now I usually just post those links to Twitter. (If you're not following or don't have an account, visit

Second, the same headache I mentioned way back in October is still ongoing. It's been almost four months now of combined tension headaches and migraines. After seeing 5 doctors, having a CT scan, trying 8 medications, and trying chiropractic, massage, and acupuncture, things are better under control, but I'm having a brain MRI soon to make sure there isn't something up there that the CT scan missed. I haven't been to many events this off-season nor have I made much of an effort to keep the blog exciting, and for that, I apologize. I love my readers and I love writing this blog, but the truth is that my work is so stressful and my body is under such duress that some things have had to give -- mainly, this and going out with my friends. Simply put, I'm exhausted.

To those of you who have become real-life friends, thank you for being awesome. To those readers who don't usually comment or IM with me through Meebo, please understand that I do love hearing from you, whether in comments or via IM... but if my responses are a little short / testy, please forgive me. Being in near-constant pain for 4 months changes a person. I hope to be back on the right track soon.

Go Braves!


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