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OK, lovvies, here are some of the things that have been piling up in my inbox this weekend. The power cord to my laptop died on Saturday (a new one is on its way), so I've been slow to post lately.

Jenna took a great close-up picture of the New Coke Bottle. It's so pretty! I got into a discussion about the new Coke bottle with my brother's ex, who says she prefers the old version and that she's "just tired of EVERYTHING going digital". I replied that, while I understand the general sentiment, I think this was a good move for the Braves. Too many Braves fans, both casual and serious, are mentally stuck in the glory days of the 90s. The team isn't the same now -- not at all! This is a great way to look forward to the 2010s and remember that the 90s are in the past and the run of 14 straight will likely never be repeated in professional sports, much less in MLB, much less by the Braves.

Stacey saw Dale Murphy on Friday night! pic 1 ~ pic 2 Thanks for sharing! I love Murph. :)

Church's first HR as a Brave! (What was the irony Joe mentioned?) Also, is it bad that I think Church is cuter than Frenchy?

Amanda's comment on this picture: "Heh...this looks...intimate..."

Yes, yes it does. :D

Thanks, y'all!

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