Scans from Saturday

Oh, wait a sec -- I have one from last Wednesday, too. Here's MattE's game day program and the one-page article inside.

Okay, back to Saturday. This sticker was handed to me as I walked in -- cute, huh?

The Braves offices have schedules in Japanese, with Kawakami on the cover instead of Lowe (the English version), and I think I saw New Javy on the cover of the Spanish schedule (but I didn't get to take one of those). Here's the front and back of the Japanese schedule.

If you have the opportunity to sit between the dugouts on the lower level, they have servers that will take your food and beverage orders and bring them right to your seat, at a slightly higher price and not including tip. ;) Here is the "Premium Service Menu": front cover ~ page 2 ~ page 3 ~ back cover

I ordered the kids meal with chicken nuggets. It was pretty tasty, and I gave the crayons to B's niece, who colored on the bag. (I kept the animal crackers though -- they were more like lemon cookies in vague animal shapes, and they were delicious!)

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