Medlen and a surprise

One of our AAA phenoms has been called up, per the AJC, and will make the start on Tuesday. His name is Kris Medlen, and he's super-cute in this picture! He looks a little like he could be Jeff Bennett's kid brother, no?


So, I have the best hair stylist ever. Not only is my hair awesome and suits me well, but Jon gave me a present today!!

He sent me a message this morning saying he had a "present" for me, and when I stopped by the salon after lunch, he gave me a Clint-autographed baseball! This totally made my day, my weekend, my week, and is probably the coolest gift I've received all year! He is, hands-down, my favorite hair stylist ever.

If any of you are in the Atlanta area and want an absolutely AMAZING cut, just email me and I'll send you his information. :)

I'm all tired, it's the end of the day, and my hair still looks great. :) Thanks, Jon!
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