In all fairness, the hearts-around-the-boys-in-the-program was started by my friend B last Wednesday, who thought it would be funny to see who I really liked and who I don't.

B: "Put hearts around the ones you like and Xs on the ones you don't."
L: "You know who I like!"
B: "I know, but I want to see them all."

[Five minutes of bickering later...]

L: "Fine. Give me a pen."

[Five minutes later...]

B: "Okay, now put infinities next to the ones you like the most, because I know you don't heart them all equally."
L: "True."
B: "What are the question marks?"
L: "Sometimes I like those boys more than other times. [shrug]"
B: "Wow, so Baby doesn't get an infinity?"
L: "No."
B: "Really?"
L: "No."

So here's my chart. Judge freely. I'll be more than happy to answer questions about why a guy falls into a certain category, but try to refrain from telling me I'm an idiot for not hearting a player you heart. We all have our own point of view.

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