Rainy Opening Day

Hi Lovvies,

For those of you who aren't in Atlanta, don't count on the Braves playing tonight. This is the forecast:

I'll still be heading down to the stadium, just in case! But we may be playing a double-header tomorrow, and that's okay with me. :)

Meebo hasn't been cooperating lately, so to respond to some messages that have been left in the box...

[10:48] meeboguest987471: scott thorman got signed to a minor league deal by Texas (braves west). just figured i'd inform you since i think he was one of your favs.

Thanks! I love Thor -- I'm glad someone picked him up.

[22:09] jim_bob: Are you going to the game tomorrow? tailgating?

I am going to the games today and tomorrow (not sure when this message was sent), but I am not a tailgater. It's not as fun to sit in a parking lot if you don't drink alcohol. ;)

[03:58] kmas0407: lauren. i am going to the home opener so i will help you and try to figure out what songs are what :)

Thank you so much!! I have 20 friends going with me today and they all listen to all sorts of music, so hopefully we can get a more complete list by the end of this weekend.

Cross your fingers and/or pray for the storm to blow through quickly, please!

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