Leah’s Gameday Pics — last ST game of 2009!

I went to [Saturday's] game and if you want to share some of my pictures, feel free. I got some really good ones of the guys loading the buses before heading to the airport. Of course, they couldn't sign autographs because of the airport security searching them again, though Chipper and Gonzo did until being told to stop (Mac was going to but was stopped before he did) but there's more on this is in my review. I'm still writing it currently, but feel free to post some pictures of your choosing. :)


Our seats were not the best, we sat in section 125, row 2 that was parallel to Frenchy most of the game (and even Josh!), but surprisingly the pictures came out better than I thought they had. It was a good game overall, but it did get boring toward the end because we were losing and all the regulars were taken out.

Leah's site is Braves Girl Blog -- she has some good info there, so check it out!

My favorite pics are the following, of Pete's wave and Frenchy & Yunie's "summer" suits.

Yunie's shoes amuse me tremendously. Thanks for sharing, Leah!

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