Baby’s eye

Here's what Boog had to say about Baby's eye last night...

*video removed*

And I love how Rochie pets the hit arm. I really like to see guys on the opposite team laughing with each other. It's a reminder that it's a game, and the whole thing really isn't that serious. :D

I wish there was a way to move your comments from KJ's post to here, but Blogger won't let me. I also wish I had gotten this post up faster, since I made the video last night and forgot to upload it until right before my mom stopped by for a visit. So while it was uploading to the video hosting service, you guys were all talking in the other post about it. Ah, bad timing today.

But! I'm leaving in a few to pick up my FAVORITE roommate -- she's been gone for three weeks! I don't even care that I'm missing a chunk of the game! (I am recording, though. :)

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