’09 Souvenir Program

There are clearly thousands of things to discuss with this album, but I need to focus on the "best friend in baseball" question for a moment.

Chipper's BFIB: Baby
Frenchy's BFIB: Baby
Baby's BFIB: Eddie Perez
Eddie Perez's BFIB: Javy Lopez

What a mess of a love triangle, y'all.

Glavine's BFIB: John Smoltz
Huddy's BFIB: Pete Orr!


KJ's BFIB: Blaine, Adam Wainright, Langy, and Pete Orr!

What a fun circle of friends!

Blaine's BFIB: Adam Wainright
Charlie's BFIB: Chuck James and Jo-Jo
Jo-Jo's BFIB: Charlie!

Aww, how sweet. (I still don't like Jo-Jo.)

New Javy's BFIB: Alex Cintron
O'Flaherty's BFIB: Mark Lowe
Jeff Bennett's BFIB: Mike Johnston
Infante's BFIB: Andres Torres

Don't know who any of these BFFs are. :/

Gregor's BFIB: Jose Reyes

Wow, really? Cool!

And Jair's best friend in baseball is... "Everyone". I actually believe that!

Moving on... seriously, Gonzo has a "teacup Pomeranian-Poodle mix named Foxy"? GAAAAAAAY. (Except, he's clearly NOT gay, so I don't know what to make of this!)

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