“Catch of a Lifetime”

Athens Magazine tells a few more details of the Baby & Ashley story that I've not heard, and there are some great pictures in the slideshow.

In other links to click, the local paper in Danbury, CT stretches the truth on Charlie, using the word "toughness". I wouldn't say Charlie showed "toughness" last year, but I'm sure it's something he's working on.

Also, this Reds blog has some nice things to say about Josh. There are some pure-speculation rumors flying that Andruw might be rejoining the Braves, and I'd like to go on record as saying I'm not ready to give up on Josh to get the Andruw of the last two years. No way!

I'm looking forward to seeing Frenchy's "I am the solution" Families First PSA. Plus, Big Boi! :)

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