Wow, NOT smart!

From the mailbag...

Reyes has the physical tools to be successful at the Major League level. Tom Glavine and John Smoltz liked him enough that they monitored many of his bullpen sessions until he decided that the Hall of Fame knowledge they were providing was handicapping his mental process during games.

Late in the season, Reyes revealed that around the All-Star break, he told Glavine and Smoltz that he didn't want their assistance anymore. That was only slightly less disturbing than the fact that he admitted he came to his first Major League Spring Training this year unprepared to consistently locate his pitches.

Holy crap. See, Jo-Jo, this right here? Turning down the advice of TWO of the Big Three? Not a good decision.

I think the worse decision was telling the media about the whole thing. Eeeesh.

Until we hear another side to the story, one that maybe makes some sense, is it bad that I'm kinda not cheering for Jo-Jo?

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