Braves 2008 Wrap-up: Catchers

Brian McCann -- It's been a big year for Baby. He got married in the off-season. Was named to the All-Star team again. Got his first major-league concussion. Had what appeared to be a falling-out with his BFF, but made new friends easily and seemed to patch things up with BFF by the end of the year. Bless his heart, I love him to death, but if I keep hearing these off-the-field stories about him I'm going to have to coo over someone new! Still, I'll miss his beautiful face (and hair) in the off-season.

Corky Miller -- I didn't like Corky for the longest time. I didn't feel he was Baby's competition, exactly, but I didn't think he should have made the team out of spring training over Clint or Brayan or even Javy. His teammates sure seem to like having him around, so maybe a haircut would make the ladies look twice? (Bonus points for actually getting on base once in a while!)

Brayan Pena -- Yunie's BFF was sent packing too soon. Cuddly, lovable catchers should always stay around! I was sad to see him go.

Clint Sammons -- Cling! He has the air of a cocky former jock but in interviews, he doesn't come off that way at all. He's not quite proven to be starter-quality, but I still adore him. I think it's because he's so touchy-feely! If you thought Baby was handsy, watch out for Clint!

Ah, catchers. My favorite. XOXO, guys.

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