Charlie’s first hit, Tommy in turquoise, The Beard, and Baby’s new deal

Charlie Morton pitched a great game, and he got his very first professional hit! No hits in the minors, but his first hit in the majors was a great-looking double. Way to go!

And here's his post-game interview:

He's so flippin' cute. :) Also, I don't remember ever hearing the name of the Braves Chaplain before (it's Tim Cash).


Here's a little video of Tommy pitching earlier this week with the Myrtle Beach Pelicans, looking nice in the turquoise.


Hallelujah! Jeff Francoeur shaved!!


Baby's got a new endorsement deal!

McCann will endorse Greater Southern’s products in a series of testimonial commercials. The three-time all-star catcher and his wife are building the ultimate game room around a Brunswick pool table and accessories from Greater Southern, metropolitan Atlanta’s exclusive Brunswick dealer.

"And his wife"? No offense, Ashley, but I remember interviews in the house before you lived there. He had a ping pong table in the dining room, and Our Katy Temple helped him buy a pool table. Ooooh, maybe Ashley's ancouraging him to move all that into a Man Room so she can have a real dining room table? That would be awesome.

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