2008 All-Star Roundup

Yeah, that's how we all feel. I was a little upset at Clint Hurdle for not putting Mac in earlier in the game -- his bat would have kept this game from going 15 innings, and he calls a great game -- but apparently Baby knew the whole time that he may not get to play...

"Before we went out I was talking to Russell and he said he was going in after [starting catcher Geovany] Soto."

That left the Braves' McCann as the third catcher, and he realized he might not get into the game.

"It was one of those things where you can't burn all your catchers," McCann said. "I knew I was going to sit there until Russell couldn't go anymore or we needed a pinch-hitter."

Chipper was also excited to be there, according to all the media. There are tons of articles out there about his dad, how special this particular all-star game was, etc. I'll just leave you with this picture:

He did get the first hit of the game, a solid single. Way to go, Chipper! Hope you and Larry Sr. had a nice time in NY. (Also, I don't remember ever seeing his wife Sharon before, but she was in the parade truck -- she reminds me a tiny bit of Lucy Davis, aka Dawn on the UK version of "The Office", only super-thin, as most MLB wives are wont to be. She's cuter than I expected.) :)

Video: The final play of the game. Baby attempts to tag out Justin Morneau but is a hair too late, and the AL wins (again) and gets home field advantage for the World Series (stupid).
Former Brave JD Drew is the All-Star MVP. Way to go, JD!

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