Tommy’s back to the DL

Why'd you pick the blue uni, Tommy? Remember what happened last time you wore it? :(


Glavine has been battling discomfort since his May 4 start against the Reds and has proven throughout his career that he is willing to pitch through pain. But now that the injury is damaging his effectiveness, the 42-year-old hurler has decided it's best to take another rest.

"It's been sore since then and it hasn't been getting any better," Glavine said. "It was previously just sore in between starts. Then as the game would go on, I would get a little bit stiff. The last two games, it's been pretty much every pitch that I throw."


"I've been trying to battle through it and fight through it," Glavine said. "But eventually it just comes to a point where I'm not helping us. As much as I want to fight through it, tonight was just a point where enough was enough."


"With everything going on and Smoltzie going down, I've kept my fingers crossed that eventually it would get better," Glavine said. "But it hasn't and it's just pouring salt on an open wound for us right now."

*sigh* Please feel better soon, Tom.

My heart is really breaking for this team and their injuries right now. I can deal with losing games due to human error or bad management decisions, but losing because our guys are hurt, or playing hurt because we can't afford to lose them? Killer.

Some crazy umpire stories:

By David O'Brien
June 10, 2008 7:42 PM | Link to this

Get this: Bobby Cox, Brian Snitker, Glenn Hubbard and Matt Diaz were all ejected for arguing that game-ending play at the plate the other night when Blanco was thrown out trying to score on Escobar’s single to center.

None of us had any idea. The people involved didn’t even know they were ejected until Braves got an e-mail notifying them. So add one more ejection (and fine) to Cox’s record.

By David O'Brien
June 10, 2008 8:32 PM | Link to this

Can’t believe both benches got warned after Lilly clearly just had no command of that pitch.

By the way, this ump, Doug Eddings, has quite a history with the Braves. He’s the one who ejected Johnny Estrada a few years back and was — according to Estrada and others who say they heard it — mf’ing the catcher before Estrada turned around and blew up.

I do NOT like this ump.

I'm praying things look up soon -- if we lose Baby, the hopes of going to the playoffs is 100% gone.

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